All Screen Room Kits come complete with no additional parts to buy.
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Paint: Electrostatically Baked Enamel.

OUR SCREEN ROOMS are available in the following Colors: White, Ivory, Clay and Dark Bronze.

Screen Colors: Charcoal Fiberglass Screen or Aluminum Screen. ( Solar Screen Available )
Screen room frame and  mullions are made of maintenance free Aluminum.
( Notice the clean finish where uprights attach to the crossbars. Other systems have exposed bracket or fasteners.) 
Pre-hung maintenance free screen door.
( 80" X 36" or  80" X 32" )
Corner section

Installer to field cut channels, frame extrusions, kick plate (if included) etc. to lengths needed. Kits are not pre-assembled.

Some knowledge of basic carpentry is needed, ie: how to use a level, square, drill, saw, etc..

Complete screen room instructions are included.

Click on the Installation Inst. tab, this will give you an idea of what you need to do for a successful screen room installation.
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