PRICING EXAMPLE for a 10' X 14' Room:

A room that has a projection of 10' (side walls) and a   width of 14' (front wall) and 8' high, your cost would be:          $ 1978.12 plus freight. (Roof not included*).

10' + 10' + 14' = 34 lineal feet X $58.18 = $1,978.12
Screen Room Pricing 
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Screen Rooms are priced by the linear foot.
 Kits come complete with no additional parts to buy.

Available in the following configurations: 
All screen (no kick-plate), 18" Kick-plate bottom only, 18" Kick-plate top and bottom, 24" Kick-plate bottom only, 24" kick-plate top and bottom.
Screen Room Wall Kit
With 18" bottom kick plate.

    8' Height (max.)      $ 58.18* 
10' Height  (max.)        $ 65.93*
per linear foot.

Orders of 30 linear feet or more
 includes one metal screen door. 
( Extra doors $ 197.00 each. )

Screen room Colors : 
White, Ivory, Dark Bronze and Clay.
*For roof pricing go to our web site: http:// .
Screen room kits are wall component parts and
 must be cut to size on job site, no pre-assembly. One assembled screen is included, to be used as an assembly example. Kits come complete with no additional parts to buy.
Shipping policy:

Most orders are shipped via common carrier. 

Upon delivery count the number of boxes to make sure you have received the same number of boxes as the delivery receipt shows. If it does not, go ahead and accept the delivery but be sure to note the shortage on the delivery receipt before signing.

In the rare case of damage: Accept the shipment regardless of its condition. Do not refuse any shipment. If there are any signs of damage, note this on the carriers delivery receipt before signing. At that time open the box and inspect for damage. If there is damage, ask the carrier to request a Damage Freight Inspection Report. 

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